The 69 Watts

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The 69 Watts are what is next on the menu,
and someone definitely saved the best for last.
Lets forget about the lack of crowd, this performance can be considered a ‘’posh praccy’’ for this three piece. It probably was. But that didn’t stop them ripping the stage up, and lashing it out. Let’s go back to the summer of love and the end of the chemical soaked sixties. Hendrix and his band the Jimi Hendrix Experience were riding the crest of this envious maelstrom of youthful uprising and technological advancements. His technique and songwriting abilities were one in a generation standard and he was literally taking the western world by storm. Sadly, this was to be short lived as we all know what happened on that fateful September day in 1970. Fast track back to the Lomax and the present, and witness The 69Watts. John Dean (vocalist and guitarist) is like an incarnation of Hendrix. His guitar playing is sublime, like a vintage fine wine that should only be opened on those very special occasions. Effortlessly, he takes us on a journey of early electric blues to the modern. The band (bass and drums) back him up perfectly and it is clear that musicianship is high on the agenda for them. Like a British White Denim, The 69Watts are THE blues band to go and see in Liverpool. Hopefully with a few more punters to spread the word as it was down to five people as their set thundered towards its end. The only downside to an amazing set by a hugely talented band. Nine ‘’jukejoints’’ out of ten!

April 16th 2015 (LIPA, Paul McCartney Auditorium, Liverpool)

"Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * *

Raw, un-mitigating power, the abilty to drive a musical note so far down the ear canal that it pops out the other side as if hurtling round the Higgs Boson Hadron Collider, power but with controlled aggression, not to see where the origins of the Universe may lay, not to marvel at the prospect of where the place of birth is in the cosmic soup but to introduce a the great sound at the disposal of The 69 Watts.

Placed between the two contagious sounds of Helena Johnson and The Hazel Empire might have dampened the resolve of lesser men, for who can truly compete when two outrageously talented female fronted bands are giving so much energy to a room full of people, 69 Watts turned up the pressure and delivered with flying colours.

The addition of The 69 Watts to the proceedings at the L.I.P.A. annual showcase is one not to have missed, the hard edge sound, the grinding of fingernail across a thousand strings and the crash of a cymbal crying out in a weird hybrid sound of pain and absolute pleasure is enough to grab hold of the person next to you and ask them to make you stop vibrating in a luxuriant abandon, to make you truly see what rock in its most rawest appearance can do.

The threesome took the sound to its maximum, they battered the wood panelling to the point where it wished it was back in the forest surrounded by thicker skinned trees and able to fend of the advancing pulse like effect being deployed in ravaging anger by 69 Watts.

Songs such as Monster, I Want You, Lisa Please and the storming Pressure Seeking converged and blasted layers of dust and decay out of anyone fortunate to witness the event at L.I.P.A. That dust, that decay of spirit revived with the raw taste of victory in the battle won still surrounding the ears, still spinning like an atom bursting with the energy of a nuclear strike in the heart of the sun, hours later, raw and powerful but with absolute control, a lesson some might heed in the future."

Ian D. Hall

March 29th 2015

"Perfect Set" at the threshold Festival in Constellation.
Sept 27th 2014

Review on The 69 Watts debut EP "Put Out Some Light"

The 69 Watts are a three piece band based in…. you guessed it, Liverpool, but after listening to their music you could swear they have ancestry in the American South. Their gritty blues style has filled up my room and is, in a word fantastic. The songs I’ve heard seem to take the energy of 60 years of Rock n’ Roll, channel in the aching spirit of the blues and present you with something that is both classic and modern. There also seems to be a definite psychedelic backdrop to these sounds, or perhaps that is just the nostalgia I’m feeling for an era I wasn’t even present for! I would be quite happy listening to their style day in and day out.
Having just released their debut EP titled Put Out Some Light today (26 Sept), the first 50 downloads are free by the way, The 69 Watts may be at the end of their beginning, prepare for the main course. Based on gig reviews they bring the energy to the stage as well as their recordings. I hope to be hearing more about these guys.
Emily Wright